Tips for Writing Magnetic Email Subject Lines

I believe we’re all now in agreement that not only is email marketing not dead in 2014, in lots of ways it’s a growing and vibrant channel for sales and lead generation. The latest email ROI figure is that for every $1 spent, more than $43 is returned. Not bad!

And what’s the best way to get your emails read? By creating a subject line that compels the viewer to take the next step and open it!

Tips for creating effective subject lines

  • Keep it brief – A shorter subject line is the order of the day, anywhere between 15-40 characters, as not only will it make for a quick scan, it stands an enhanced likelihood of being seen in its entirety on a mobile device, where over 51 percent of emails are opened now.
  • Don’t use spam words – There are lots of words that automatically trip the spam filters, sending your missive to the spam pile before it’s read. Words like “free”, “credit”, “offer”, “act now”, and all caps will almost certainly get negative results. A decent list of spam words can be found here.
  • Use calls to action – Using action words in your subject line, like “Watch my new software in action”, actually instruct the reader to the action you’d like them to take.
  • Use questions – Questions have a two-fold benefit of piquing curiosity and furnishing you with much-needed customer information.
  • Don’t over-personalize – It’s one thing to thank a customer by name for an action they’ve taken; and it’s another to repeatedly treat them as pals in sales message after sales message. You know the feeling…
  • Be specific – Let them know what this is about! Be very specific and don’t make them guess. No one has time or energy to try and guess what you’re saying.

Remember that the only reason for subject lines in the first place is to get them to open the email. Make it easier for them by crafting terrific subject lines, and watch your open rate soar!

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